What is GuestApp?

KeyStay’s GuestApp acts as your virtual concierge, offering a two-way street for support. Guests can easily request assistance, while the app also empowers the KeyStay team to proactively offer help, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable stay.

How does GuestApp by KeyStay work?

GuestApp seamlessly retrieves your information directly from your booking website. Logging in is a breeze – just three easy steps using your name, phone number, and a quick security check. No more struggling to remember every detail – GuestApp takes care of it all.

What does GuestApp by KeyStay offer?

Skip the front desk! With GuestApp, you can conveniently check in and complete any necessary formalities at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. No more waiting in line or being restricted by arrival times.

Whenever needs arise, you can easily request a variety of services and room service items, from extra towels and a curated wine selection to baby furniture and housekeeping.

Planning an early arrival? Submit an early check-in request through GuestApp to see if your room is available before the standard check-in time.

Need a little more time to unwind? Request a late check-out through GuestApp to extend your stay and enjoy your room for a bit longer.

GuestApp curates personalized recommendations for local experiences and activities.

GuestApp makes it easy to report any technical glitches or ask for clarification on anything.

We’re on a journey of continuous improvement

We’re working on exciting new features to simplify your stay even further. Imagine reserving amenities, placing orders, and building your itinerary – all within the app. Stay tuned for updates!

For your security and to ensure a smooth arrival, GuestApp is the only authorized platform to collect the information required for your check-in.